Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Forbidden Wish

Khoury, Jessica.  The Forbidden Wish.  NY: Penguin Razorbill book, c2016.  340 pages.  In this adaption of the tale of Aladdin and the 1001 Arabian Nights, we meet the jinni Zahra emerges from her lamp at the bidding of Aladdin and thus begins an adventurous tale of court intrigue and the struggle between power and people.     Aladdin steals a ring which mysteriously leads him to the ancient jeweled garden of the long-dead queen of Neruby, Roshanna, whom Zahra called Habiba (dear friend).   Roshanna called Zahra from the lamp but didn’t want gold or jewels, she wanted a friend.  For anyone who is granted wishes, there are always costs.  The cost for wishing a jinni to care for a human is death.  Zahra eventually was forced to kill Roshanna and though she has come to care about Aladdin, she is desperate not to repeat the tragedy of Roshanna.

You are bound to be swept up in this imaginative tale set in the sweeping landscape of desert and luxurious ancient city.

Recommended for junior high and above.
Review by Mrs. Belknap     

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