Sunday, January 15, 2017


Wells, Robison.  Blackout.  NY: HarperCollins, c2013.  426 pages.

Book 1 in the Blackout series.  Book 2 is Deadzone.
On the Iowa Teen Award reading list for 2016-17.

A mysterious virus has infected various teens across America with unexpected powers.  The powers are wildly varied, from a harmless ability to count things to  being able to cause earthquakes.  Some of the teens are trained terrorists. Several of them find themselves pitted against two small town teens in a struggle that threatens to destroy the world.  Alec, Laura, Jack and Aubrey are the key characters in the fast paced thriller.  There are a lot of moral dilemmas that you will ponder as you imagine yourself in this world gone wrong.

Contains a lot of violence.  Recommended for 8th grade and above.
Review by Mrs. Belknap

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