Sunday, January 15, 2017


Condie, Ally.  Atlantia.  NY: Penguin/Dutton Books, c2014.  298 pages.

Rio and Bay are twins, living in the underwater city of Atlantia.  In an alternate world, pollution became so bad, humans had to divide the population into those who went to the pristine world below and the others stayed on the surface to provide for the undersea Atlantia.

Each year at a certain age, teens could choose to stay below or go above never to return.  It had always been Bay’s dream to go above but she promised her distressed sister that she would not.  Bay assumed it was because she didn’t want to be separated from her.  When the time came, Bay was shocked at what happened and afterward did everything possible to find a way to go above.  She had to battle hidden truths and secrets in order to make it happen.  Part of the mystery involved the mysterious and unexpected death of their mother who was the ruler of Atlantia.

Recommended for junior high and above.
Review by Mrs. Belknap

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