Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Westerfeld, Scott.  Zeroes.  NY: Simon Pulse, c2015.  546 pages.

Not superheroes, but zeroes.  Six teens all born in the year 2000 have superpowers.  When they eventually meet,  they form a group and try to learn more about their capabilities.  Their powersnare not your typical ones.  There is no flying or lifting cars.  Their powers are much more subtle and often have unexpected and sometimes disastrous consequences.  This is the first book in a brand new series.

Bellwether, Scam, Mob, Anonymous, Flicker, and Crash are the six teens.  At the beginning, Mob is the only one who is not in the group.  Her dad robs a bank where Scam is depositing money stolen from a drug cartel.  Scam offended everyone in the group a year ago when his superpower of saying whatever would get Scam what he was wishing for, said things that couldn’t be taken back.

Even so, everyone comes to his rescue and Mob eventually joins their group.  The action is fast-paced and takes interesting twists and turns. 

Recommended for junior high and above. 

Review by Mrs. Belknap 

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