Monday, January 4, 2016

Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall.  Reedy, Trent.  Crawfordsville, IN: Arthur A. Levine Books, c2014.  374 pages.

This book on the Iowa High School Book Award reading list was written by a former member of the Iowa National Guard.  When he describes events in the book, he knows what life in the Guard is like.  From time to time people who object to government regulations hold protests or even standoffs like the one in Oregon right now.  In this book, the State of Idaho chooses to take action by denying the government mandate to issue Federal ID cards. When the guard is called in to maintain order at a protest from the opposition to this decision, an accidental gun shot begins a chain of events that have disastrous results for 17-year-old Daniel Wright and for the relationship between the State of Idaho and the Federal Government.  Daniel has a lot of responsibility for his mother who is mentally fragile and for his long-time girl friend.  He feels things have gotten out of hand, but there is no way to make them right again.  You will be asking yourself some questions as you read.  Where would YOU draw the line when government becomes too intrusive.  What would YOU be willing to fight for?   There is a lot of action and violence in this book, but some important concepts about American freedom make this a thought provoking read as well.  The sequel to this book is called Burning Nation

Recommended for high school.  Review by Mrs. Belknap

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