Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Coburn, Jake.  LoveSick.  NY: Dutton Books, c2005.  228 pages

Ted thought his drinking was not a problem because he only drank at home, late at night.  But one night he decides to risk driving to get more booze and has an accident that costs him his basketball scholarship, ends his plans for college, and forces him into AA. Ted thinks he has resigned himself to his new life until a wealthy father of a bulimic Manhattan rich girl has a tempting proposition. He has agreed to pay for Ted's college tuition, but there's a catch. Ted has to secretly keep tabs on Erica, his daughter.   At first Ted thinks it's an easy thing, but when he gets to know Erica, he hates himself for deceiving her, and he falls in love with her.   There are many realistic details in this book about both alcoholism and bulimia and the constant struggle to resist the addictions, and keep them secret from everyone else.  You may not identify with these two teens with different problems, but you will come to like them and respect their struggle to overcome things that work against them.

Recommended for grades 9 and above.  Review by Mrs. Belknap

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