Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Gaiman, Neile and Michael Reaves.  Interworld.  NY: EOS, c2007.  239 pages.

Although the first book in this series was published in 2007, the final book was published this year.  The Silver Dream  is book 2, and Eternity's Wheel is book 3.

Imagine unintentionally stepping into another dimension in which there are thousands of other earths, each created by a major decision made in the previous world.  Then imagine that everyone in the Altiverse is actually a version of yourself, unique, but still you; maybe a cat-like girl, or a robotic younger boy, or an older man who is the leader?!  Then imagine that there are two alternative factions, one relying on magic and the other on science who are struggling to win control of everyone.  Imagine that you have to leave your family behind because if you "walk" out of the altiverse back to your family, you may leave a trail that your enemies can follow to harm your family.  You will not be bored when reading this many-layered science fiction series.  The many possibilities and variables will keep your brain busy sorting things out.  You will like Joey Harker (in all his various forms) and want to find out how things turn out.

Recommended for 7th grade and above.  Review by Mrs. Belknap

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