Wednesday, August 12, 2015

See You at Harry's

Knowles, Jo.  See You at Harry's.  Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press, c2012.  310 pages.

You'll need your kleenex ready for this book.  Fern isn't dreading middle school until her father comes up with a zany idea for a tv commercial to advertise their restaurant with the whole family in it.   It gets worse when he decides to put their faces on the side of the company van.  Fern dreads the teasing at school that will result, and she is not wrong.  To make things worse, her older brother, Holden, is having problems that spill into her life, and she can't decide how she feels about sharing her best friend, Random, with another girl who joins their group.  Everything soon pales in comparison to a tragic event that threatens to tear her family apart.  Grief and guilt can be very difficult things to overcome, and moving on takes time and support from friends and loved ones.  You will find it easy to cry with Fern as she struggles to deal with things.

This book is on the Iowa Teen Award reading list for 2015-2016.  Recommended for junior high and above.

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