Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Enclave by Ann Aguirre


Aguirre, Ann.  Enclave. NY: Feiwel & Friends, c2011.  Razorland Trilogy book 1.
All Deuce has ever known has been her life in the underground enclave named College.  Almost no one knows what happened "topside" but they are warned that no one can live there.  When invasion by the vicious and deadly Freaks becomes a reality, Deuce and her hunting partner, Fade, are almost glad they have been exiled for daring to undermine their leader's authority.  Whatever your worst visions are of a future where everything has changed, they can't be as bad as the conditions that Deuce and Fade find on the surface. Fade has vague memories of his father and the place "in the north" where he said they would find a better life.  As they begin their journey, they pick up two unlikely companions.  You will find that things we take for granted are miraculous discoveries as they struggle to find a safe haven in the north .  While there is a lot of violence in this book out of the necessity to survive, I found myself eager to find out how they managed to get out of each of the many conflicts that got in their way.  Other books in the trilogy are Outpost and Horde, both already published.  Recommended for mature junior high and above because of violent content.    This book is on the Iowa High School Book Award list for 2014-2015.  Review by Mrs. Belknap

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