Monday, November 3, 2014

Variant by Robison Wells.  NY: HarperTeen, c2011.   373 pages.  Let me give you a heads up on this book...have the sequel (Feedback) ready and waiting before you begin reading.  This is not one of those nicely wrapped up endings.  You will NEED to keep reading!

Benson Fisher has had a pretty crappy life so far.  His mother abandoned him and he bounced around from foster home to foster home, never really settling in anywhere.  When he got the chance to apply for a scholarship at Maxfield Academy, he thought things were going to change...and they did.  But not as he expected.  Maxfield Academy was not like any other school Benson attended, starting with the razor wire fence surrounding it.  He has a lot of questions, and no one is giving him answers.  He has to choose between three competing gang-like groups, and even though he finds himself fitting in, his thoughts are all about how to get away.

Although there is some violent content, this book is on the Iowa Teen Award reading list for this year and I would recommend it for 7th and above.

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