Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Korman, Gordon.  Ungifted.  NY: Balzer & Bray, c2012.

In this funny novel, we meet middle school student Donovan Curtis, who does something typical for him, unexpected and not too smart!  He whacks the school statue, accidentally sending a huge brass globe careening toward the gym's open door.  The principal is so mad at the damage done, and in a hurry to get to a meeting, he mistakenly writes Donovan's name on the list for gifted students going to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction instead of the detention list.  Donovan, of course, decides to play it out and see what happens.  He knows he is not smart enough to succeed at the school, but finds that he has special qualities that make a difference to the robotic team and their upcoming competition.  In the end, things work out and Donovan learns a lot about himself and what he believes in and is capable of.  This book is on the Iowa Teen Award list for 2014-2015.  You'll like Donovan!  Recommended for Junior High and above.

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