Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Creech, Sharon.  Heartbeat.  NY: Scholastic, c2004.  180 pages

Written as poetry, this quick read is both touching and insightful.  It doesn’t read like poetry, it reads like carefully crafted journal entries, full of meaning in few words.

Annie loves to run.  She loves to run alone and she loves to run with her friend Max, but she doesn’t want to run in competition.  She hates the thought of someone winning, because then someone has to lose. 

Annie has a good home life, but her beloved grandfather, who lives with them, is slowly being stolen by Alzheimer’s Disease.  In addition, her mother reveals a surprise to everyone.

Annie also loves to draw and the art teacher gives them the assignment of drawing an apple every day for 100 days.  Annie finds this more challenging than the others and soon becomes very passionate and creative with her drawings.

Full of wonderful, thoughtful passages, this book is good for runners, artists, and anyone struggling to find out who they are.  Annie is a great kid.  You can’t fail to love her and Max is a strong contrast.  He is possessed with the thought of winning so he can get scholarships to leave their small town.  Read it! You'll like it!

Review by Mrs. Belknap